The SCIMSyncDestination object defines a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) 1.1 service provider Sync Pipe destination that is accessible over HTTP through the SCIM protocol. It is configured with the following properties:

  • server – Specifies the names of the SCIM External Servers that are used as the destination of synchronization.
  • resource-mapping-file – Specifies the path to the scim-resources.xml file, a configuration file that defines the SCIM schema and maps it to the LDAP schema. This file is located in <server_root>/config/scim-resources.xml by default, and it can be customized to define and expose deployment-specific resources.
  • rename-policy – Specifies how to handle the rename of a SCIM resource.

The SCIM Sync Destination object is based on the SCIM SDK. Before configuring a SCIM destination, review the following documents on the Simple Cloud web site:

  • SCIM Core Schema