A simpleMultiValued element has the following XML attributes:

  • childName: a required attribute specifying the name of the tag that is used to encode values of the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) attribute in XML in the REST API protocol. For example, the tag for the standard emails SCIM attribute is email.
  • dataType: a required attribute specifying the simple data type for the plural SCIM attribute (in other words, the data type for the value sub-attribute). The following values are permitted: binary, boolean, dateTime, integer, and string.
  • caseExact: an optional attribute that is only applicable for string data types. It indicates whether comparisons between two string values use a case-exact match or a case-ignore match. The default value is false.

A simpleMultiValued element contains the following XML elements in sequence:

  • canonicalValue: specifies the values of the type sub-attribute that is used to label each individual value, and an optional mapping to LDAP.
  • mapping: an optional element specifying a default mapping between the SCIM attribute and an LDAP attribute.