Upgrade Considerations

Important considerations for upgrading to this version of the Directory Proxy Server

  • To ensure correct search results with Delegated Admin, disable client caching by updating the Delegated Admin HTTP Servlet Extension to return response headers, and then stop and restart the server, as follows:

    dsconfig set-http-servlet-extension-prop --extension-name "Delegated Admin" --set "response-header:Cache-Control: no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate" --set "response-header:Expires: 0" --set "response-header:Pragma: no-cache"

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the Directory Proxy Server:

Ticket ID Description

The Delegated Admin configuration has changed significantly. Delegated Admin Resource Types were removed and replaced by REST Resource Types. Delegated Administrators and Delegated Group Administrators were removed and replaced by Delegated Admin Rights and Delegated Admin Resource Rights. Previous configurations are converted to the new configuration definitions by the update tool when the server is updated.


The following enhancements were made to the topology manager to make it easier to diagnose the connection errors:

- Added monitoring information for all the failed outbound connections (including the time since it's been failing and the last error message seen when the failure occurred) from a server to one of its configured peers and the number of failed outbound connections.

- Added alarms/alerts for when a server fails to connect to a peer server within a configured grace period.


The dsreplication tool has been fixed to work when the node being used to enable replication is currently out-of-sync with the topology master.


The topology manager will now raise a mirrored-subtree-manager-connection-asymmetry alarm when a server is able to establish outbound connections to its peer servers, but those peer servers are unable to establish connections back to the server within the configured grace period. The alarm is cleared as soon as there is connection symmetry.