In the event that data is compromised across all systems and a restore is necessary, perform the following steps. These steps assume that no read or write operations are performed by any servers during this process.
  1. Stop all servers.
  2. Run the following command on all servers:
    $ /bin/dsreplication cleanup-local-server
  3. Locate the backup or exported LDIF file that represents the last working copy of the database.
  4. Restore the backup or import the LDIF file on a single server. If importing an LDIF file, use the --excludeReplication option with the import-ldif command.
  5. Start the restored server. The server can now receive client requests.
  6. Start another server in lockdown mode with the following command:
    $ start-server --skipPrime --lockdownMode
  7. Enable replication from the first server to the second server.
  8. Initialize the second server from the first with the following command:
    $ bin/dsreplication initialize
  9. Restart the second server or use the bin/leave-lockdown-mode command to leave the server in lockdown mode. The second server can now receive client requests.
  10. Repeat steps 6 through 9 for any other servers.