After the server is installed, access the Administrative Console, https://hostname:HTTPport/console/login, to verify the configuration and manage the server. To log into the Administrative Console, use the initial root user DN specified during setup (by default cn=Directory Manager).

The dsconfig command or the Administrative Console can be used to create additional root DN users in cn=Root DNs,cn=config. These new users require the fully qualified DN as the login name, such as cn=new-admin,cn=Root DNs,cn=config. To use a simple user name (with out the cn= prefix) for logging into the Administrative Console, the root DN user must have the alternate-bind-dn attribute configured with an alternate name, such as "admin."

By default the link to the Administrative Console is https://hostname:HTTPport/console/login.

If the Administrative Console needs to run in an external container, such as Tomcat, a separate package (/server-root/resource/ can be installed according to that container's documentation.