Regardless of the location of your Delegated Admin installation, make certain the following Ping Identity products are installed and configured before attempting to install Delegated Admin.

Product Description Minimum Version
PingDirectory Server Stores user-identity data. The HTTPS port that was configured during PingDirectory Server setup is required to install Delegated Admin. For information about upgrading PingDirectory Server, see Upgrade PingDirectory Server. For information about installing and configuring PingDirectory Server, refer to PingDirectory Server Administration Guide.
PingFederate Server Provides identities for authentication and authorization. For information about installing and configuring PingFederate Server, see Configure PingFederate Server, or refer to PingFederate Server Guide. 9.0

For more information about the compatibility of Delegated Admin with different versions of PingDirectory Server and PingFederate Server, see Compatibility matrix.