Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDataSync Server:

Ticket ID Description
DS-38098 Added a max-rate-per-second configuration property to the Sync Pipe, which can be used to throttle the rate that changes are applied to the destination.
DS-38253 Added the PingOne for Customers Sync Source to PingDataSync Server. Identities can now be synchronized from PingOne for Customers to on-premises identity stores.

The following enhancements were made to the topology manager to make it easier to diagnose connection errors:

  • Added monitoring information for all failed outbound connections, including the time since they began failing and the last error message seen when the failures occurred, from a server to one of its configured peers, as well as the number of failed outbound connections.
  • Added alarms and alerts for when a server fails to connect to a peer server within a configured grace period.
DS-38335 The dsreplication tool has been fixed to work when the node being used to enable replication is not synchronized with the topology master.
DS-38344 The topology manager now raises a mirrored-subtree-manager-connection-asymmetry alarm when a server is able to establish outbound connections to its peer servers, but those peer servers are unable to establish connections back to the server within the configured grace period. The alarm is cleared when connection symmetry is achieved.