The Directory Server logs information at startup about the memory consumed by the group membership cache. This hard-coded cache contains information about all of the group memberships for internal processing, such as ACIs. The group membership cache is enabled by default.

The information about this cache is logged to the standard output log (server.out) and the standard error log. When using groups, you can use the log information to tune the server for best performance. For example, at startup the server logs a message like the following to the server.out log:

[16/Aug/2011:17:14:39.462 -0500] category=JEB severity=NOTICE msgID=1887895587
msg="The database cache now holds 3419MB of data and is 32 percent full"

The error log will contain something like the following:

[16/Aug/2011:18:40:39.555 -0500] category=EXTENSIONS severity=NOTICE msgID=1880555575 
msg="'Group cache (174789 static group(s) with 7480151 total memberships and 1000002 
unique members, 0 virtual static group(s), 1 dynamic group(s))' currently consumes 
149433592 bytes and can grow to a maximum of 149433592 bytes"