The PingDirectoryProxy Server provides dynamically generated attributes called virtual attributes for local Directory Proxy Server data. The proxy virtual attributes apply to a local proxy backend, such as cn=config or the Root DSE. If you want to have virtual attributes in entries for proxied requests, then they must be configured in the backend servers. Alternately, attributes may be inserted into those entries using proxy transformations. For more information about configuring proxy transformations, see “Configuring Proxy Transformations”.

For example, you can define a virtual attribute and assign it to the Root DSE as follows:
$ bin/dsconfig create-virtual-attribute \ 
  --name defineDescriptionOnRootDSE --type user-defined \
  --set enabled:true --set attribute-type:description \ 
  --set filter:objectclass=ds-root-dse --set value:PrimaryProxy   
If you search the Root DSE using the following LDAP search, you see that the description attribute now has the value PrimaryProxy.
$ bin/ldapsearch --baseDN "" --searchScope base --bindDN "" \ 
  --bindPassword "" --port 5389 -- hostname localhost \ 
  "objectclass=*" description