• Use the dsconfig non-interactive command-line equivalent to create your custom stats logger. The following one-line command replicates the procedure in the previous section. This command produces a column named "Memory Consumer Total (GB)" that contains the value of the of total-bytes-used-by-memory-consumers attribute pulled from the entry with the ds-memory-usage-monitor-entry objectclass. This value is scaled by 1073741824 to get to a value represented in GBs.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-custom-logged-stats --plugin-name "Stats Logger" \ 
      --stats-name "Memory Usage" --type custom \
      --set monitor-objectclass:ds-memory-usage-monitor-entry \ 
      --set attribute-to-log:total-bytes-used-by-memory-consumers \ 
      --set "column-name:Memory Consumer Total (GB)" --set statistic-type:raw \ 
      --set divide-value-by:1073741824