The change log can be configured to capture soft-delete changes to entries, so that external clients, such as PingDataSync Server, can access these changes. The ds-soft-delete-entry attribute represents an entry that has been soft-deleted and is part of the source entry passed into the changelog to indicate the entry has been soft-deleted.

Two important points about soft deletes and the changelog are as follows:
  • All soft-delete operations appear in the changelog and appear as a regular DELETE operation. When a soft delete occurs, the resulting changelog entry will include a ds-soft-delete-entry-dn operational attribute with the value of the soft-deleted entry DN. If you are using PingDataSync Server, it does recognize the ds-soft-delete-entry-dn attribute and does not do anything with it.
  • The changelog backend’s soft-delete-entry-included-operation property determines whether or not MODIFY or DELETE operations of soft-deleted entries appear in the changelog. By default, the property is not enabled by default.