If you want to collect data about your SLAs, you need to configure connection criteria for each Service Level Agreement that you want to track. The connection criteria are used in many areas within the server. They are used by the client connection policies, but they can also be used when the server needs to perform matching based on connection-level properties, such as filtered logging. For assistance using connection criteria, contact your authorized support provider.

For example, imagine that we are interested in collecting statistics on data that is accessed by clients authenticating as the Directory Manager. We need to create connection criteria on the Directory Proxy Server that identifies any user authenticating as the Directory Manager. The connection criteria name corresponds to the application-name dimension value that clients will specify when accessing the data via the API. When you define the Connection Criteria, change the included-user-base-dn property to include the Directory Manager’s full LDIF entry.

The following dsconfig command line creates connection criteria for the Directory Manager:

$ bin/dsconfig create-connection-criteria \
  --criteria-name “Directory Manager” \
  --type simple \
  --set “included-user-base-dn:cn=Directory Manager,cn=Root DNs,cn=config”