The PingDirectoryProxy Server can be configured to track many key performance metrics (for example, throughput and response-time) by the client applications requesting them. This feature is invaluable for measuring whether the Ping Identity identify infrastructure meets all of your service-level agreements (SLA) that have been defined for client applications.

When enabled, the per-application monitoring data can be accessed in the cn=monitor backend, the Periodic Stats Logger, and made available for collection by the Metrics Server. See the “Profiling Server Performance Using the Periodic Stats Logger” for more information on using that component. Also, see the Directory Proxy Server Configuration section of the PingDataMetrics Server Administration Guide for details on configuring the server to expose metrics that interest you. Tracked application information is exposed in the PingDataMetrics Server by metrics having the 'application-name' dimension. See the documentation under docs/metrics of the PingDataMetrics Server for information on which metrics are available with the 'application-name' dimension.