What's New

These are new features for this release of the PingDirectory Server:

  • Data within the backend database is now stored more compactly both on disk and in memory. The exact benefits depend on the data set and indexing, but improvements of 20-40% should be expected in the size on disk, the memory needed to fully cache the database, the time to preload the database at start up, the size and duration of backups, and the time required to remotely initialize a replica. Upgrades of existing environments require an export and reimport of the data to take advantage of these improvements.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the PingDirectory Server:

Ticket ID Description

Added a gauge to monitor the number of available file descriptors. This Available File Descriptors gauge can detect if a server if running out of file descriptors and degrade the server appropriately.


Updated the installer to increase the maximum suggested JVM size on Linux systems with at least 48 GB of RAM.


Updated the local DB backend to always try to keep exploded indexes in the database cache, and to always load exploded indexes into the cache on startup if database preloading is enabled, even if the database containing non-exploded index data for the associated index is configured with a lesser cache mode or preload configuration. Because reading from exploded indexes requires much more database interaction than non-exploded indexes, this can dramatically improve the performance of exploded index accesses for deployments in which it is not possible to fully cache all data in the backend.


Improved the server shutdown time in situations when there is a database cleaner backlog. This also ensures a faster start up time since database recovery isn't needed.


Updated the server to use the latest 6.3.9 release of the Berkeley DB Java Edition.


Fixed an edge case problem in which a password change could result in the previous password not being included in the password history.


Updated the server to allow an initial heap size over 128 GB. Due to limitations of older JVMs, this was previously capped at 128 GB, even when the maximum heap size was larger.


Fixed an issue that could cause the server to overlook attribute options in an indexed search filter.


Fixed an issue with the Pass Through Authentication Plugin where if a DN map was not used, the controls from the native bind operation were included in the pass through authentication request.


Updated the initial output of export-ldif to report that it is calculating a disk-ordered cursor rather than "Exported 0 entries."


Fixed an issue involving transactions sent through a Proxy Server with Entry Balancing configured. If the transaction contained requests that targeted entries that were not in the global index, then duplicate requests were included in the resulting Multi-Update operation forwarded to the Datastore.