The PingDirectoryProxy Server supports periodically persisting the global index to a file and priming the global index from the persisted file when the server is restarted.

An Entry Balancing Request Processor can be configured to periodically persist the global index to disk, so that when the Entry Balancing Request Processor is reinitialized (on startup), it can prime the values from disk instead of putting load on the remote servers. Being able to read the index from disk eliminates the load on backend Directory Server instances if many PingDirectoryProxy Server instances were to come up at once.

An entry-balancing request processor can be configured to persist the global index to disk by including file as one of the prime index sources (with the prime-index-source property). The frequency at which the file is written is controlled by the persist-global-index-frequency property.

The global index needs to be fully primed before it will be persisted. It can be initially primed using a peer PingDirectoryProxy Server or from a backend Directory Server. On a running PingDirectoryProxy Server, when new global attribute indexes are added, the global index can be primed with those attribute indexes by running the rebuild-index tool. The rebuild-index tool always uses a remote server for priming the global index even if file is configured as a source). On subsequent restarts of the PingDirectoryProxy Server, the global index will be primed from the persisted file instead of going over the network to a remote server, which allows it to be primed much faster than if it were using a remote priming source. Also, during server startup, the global index priming works by using each configured prime-index-source property in the specified order until it is fully primed to take advantage of what is available locally before contacting one or more remote servers.

  • The following dsconfig command prime all indexes at startup from a file.
    dsconfig -n set-request-processor-prop \
      --processor-name entry-balancing \
      --set prime-index-source:file \
      --set prime-index-source:ds \
      --set persist-global-index-frequency:10s \
      --set persist-global-index-directory:/servers/proxy-1/index-files \
      --set prime-all-indexes:true