If you are installing Delegated Admin on PingDirectoryProxy Server, you must configure the Proxy instance using the delegated-admin.dsconfig script as described in All locations except replicated PingDirectory Server instances.

In addition, you must perform the following steps to configure all instances of PingDirectory Server.

  1. Modify delegated-admin.dsconfig by commenting out the following section:
    *"Create an email account status notification handler for user creation."
    This modified file is run on PingDirectoryProxy Server.
  2. Copy the batch file delegated-admin.dsconfig and name it something similar to copy-of-delegated-admin.dsconfig and open the copy in a text editor.
  3. Remove the following elements and sections from the file:
    • Web-application-extension Delegator
    • Access-token-validator PingFederateValidator
    • Definition rest-resource-type
    • Definition delegated-admin-rights
  4. Leave the following configuration elements in the copy exactly as they are configured on PingDirectoryProxy Server. These should be the only elements remaining in the copy:
    • Create an email account status notification handler for user creation (create-request-criteria and create-account-status-notification-handler).
    • Virtual-attribute Delegated Admin Privilege (set-virtual-attribute-prop)
    • Global ACI Authenticated access to the multi-update extended request for the Delegated Admin API (set-access-control-handler-prop)
    • Global ACI Authenticated access to the no-op request control for the Delegated Admin API (set-access-control-handler-prop)
  5. Save your changes to the copy.
  6. For each PingDirectory Server instance, copy the PingDirectoryProxy/webapps/delegator/delegated-admin-account-created.template template to the PingDirectory/config/account-status-notification-email-templates/ directory.
  7. Apply the commands from the copy of the batch file to all instances of PingDirectory Server as follows (for this example the copy is assumed to be named copy-of-delegated-admin.dsconfig):
    $ ./bin/dsconfig \
    --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" \
    --no-prompt \
    --batch-file webapps/delegator/copy-of-delegated-admin.dsconfig \
    --applyChangeTo server-group