Upgrade Considerations

The summarize-config tool has been deprecated. To view a summary of changes to the local server configuration, use the config-diff tool with the sourceBaseline argument.

What's New

Identity DataSync attribute mappings now support LDAP-filter syntax conditionals, like the conditional-value-pattern property. This enhancement increases the flexibility of attribute-to-attribute mapping, based on attribute values that are found in the incoming data.

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDataSync Server:

Ticket ID Description
DS-10010 Reduced the memory overhead of debug logging in high-throughput environments by sharing logging buffers across multiple threads.
DS-10447 Updated the resync command to display additional error messages to the console and a log file. The location of the log file defaults to <server-root>/logs/tools/resync-errors.log but can be overridden by using the --consoleLogFilePath option.
DS-11936 Constructed mappings now support mappings that are conditional with the dsconfig parameter conditional-value-pattern. Each parameter consists of an LDAP filter and a pattern, the former of which must be matched for the pattern to be used.
DS-12123 Updated the Configuration API output to include undefined properties and values.
DS-12182 Updated the setup tool to use HTTPS for initial configuration. Unsecure HTTP can be enabled post-setup or by using the non-interactive setup.
DS-12245 Updated the Configuration API to support filtering, sorting, and paging for object list operations. For more information, refer to PingDataSync Server Administration Guide.
DS-12285 Fixed an issue in which changes to SMTP External Server configurations did not take effect until after a server restart.
DS-12287 Addressed cases in which certain messages might have been suppressed in logs and alerts.
DS-12483 Added support for running on Oracle Java 8 and OpenJDK 8 platforms.
DS-12496 Added logging of all HTTP requests that are disallowed because of CORS. This fix simplifies the process of troubleshooting HTTP 403/Forbidden errors.
DS-12576 Updated the Detailed HTTP Operation Log Publisher to log the appropriate return code, 404 NOT FOUND, when defined endpoints do not handle a request.
DS-12579 The server can now detect an out of file handles situation on the operating system, and can shut down to prevent running in an unreliable state.

Fixed an issue in which a JVM bug blocked a Sync Pipe after the following error was reported to the error log:

AckHandler#completed called with a value that's not pending.
DS-12798 MakeLDIF templates now have the ability to escape special characters like curly braces ({}), angle brackets (<>), and square brackets ([]) by using a backslash (\). For additional examples, refer to config/MakeLDIF/examples-of-all-tags.template.
DS-12880 Fixed a rare condition that might cause the logger rotation and retention thread to exit under heavy file system load or during a network file system outage.
DS-12969 Improved the server locking that dsconfig uses in offline batch mode. The server lock is now held for the entire batch duration instead of for each invocation. Also reduced the probability of contention for file locks that server tools use to determine the server status.