When the Delegated admin rights for a User REST resource type have admin scope resources-in-specific-groups (and only in this case) a user is added to one of the configured groups when the user is created.
  • For admins having rights to only one group, the new user is automatically added to that group. No field for Select Group will display.
  • For admins having rights to more than one group, the admin selects a group to add the user to in the Select Group list.
  • Admins can select from both Static and Dynamic groups.
  • For Dynamic groups, in addition to selecting the group, the new entry must also match criteria for membership of that group. For example, a Dynamic group has members with uid=user.111*. The uid starts with user.111.

In order for the Admin to create a new user in that group they need to:

  1. Select the group name from the list.
  2. Enter the value for uid that starts with user.111.