1. Run dsconfig and enter the LDAP connection parameters when prompted.
  2. Choose the option for Load-Balancing Algorithm.
  3. On the Load-Balancing Algorithm menu, enter the number corresponding to "View and edit an existing Load-Balancing Algorithm".
  4. Add the ds-central-01 and ds-central-02 servers to the backend-server configuration property.
  5. On the backend-server property menu, enter the number corresponding to adding one or more values.
  6. Select the external servers to add. In this example, select ds-central-01.example.com and ds-central-02.example.com.
  7. Review the changes made to the load-balancing algorithm’s configuration properties, and enter f to save changes.

    The change has been saved and applied to the Directory Proxy Server. The load-balancing algorithm is referenced in the load-balancing-algorithm property of the request processor used by this Directory Proxy Server.

  8. To view this property, go to the main menu and select the Request Processor option.
  9. On the Request Processor menu, enter the number corresponding to view and edit an existing request processor.
  10. Select the request process used by the Directory Proxy Server, and review the configuration properties.
    This request processor is used by the subtree view serviced by the Directory Proxy Server, which is in turn referenced by the client connection policy.
    Note: The changes made in this procedure are already in effect. The Directory Proxy Server does not have to be restarted.