1. Run the prepare-external-server tool to prepare the two new servers. On the first attempted bind to the server, the tool will report a "failed to bind" message as it cannot bind to the cn=Proxy User entry due to its not being created yet. The tool sets up the cn=Proxy User entry so that the Directory Proxy Server can access it and tests the communication settings to the server.
    root@proxy-east-01: ./prepare-external-server \
    --hostname ds-central-01.example.com --port 389 \
    --baseDN dc=example,dc=com \
    --proxyBindPassword password  \
    --useStartTLS \
    --proxyTrustStorePath ../config/ExampleTruststore.jks   
    Failed to bind as ‘cn=Proxy User’
    Would you like to create or modify root user ‘cn=Proxy User” so that it is
    available for this Directory Proxy Server? (yes / no)[yes]:
    Enter the DN of an account on ds-central-01:389 with which to create or manage the ‘cn=Proxy User’
    account [cn=Directory Manager]:   
    Enter the password for ‘cn=Directory Manager’:
    Created ‘cn=Proxy User,cn=Root DNs,cn=config’
    Testing ‘cn=Proxy User’ privileges ....Done
  2. Repeat the process on the other new server in the central location, ds-central-02.
    Note: For entry-balancing deployments, the global base DN is required when using prepare-external-server.