The PingDirectory Server provides a parallel-update tool, which reads change information (add, delete, modify, and modify DN) from an LDIF file and applies the changes in parallel. This tool is a multi-threaded version of the ldapmodify tool that is designed to process a large number of changes as quickly as possible.

The parallel-update tool provides logic to prevent conflicts resulting from concurrent operations targeting the same entry or concurrent operations involving hierarchically-dependent entries (for example, modifying an entry after it has been added, or adding a child after its parent). The tool also has a retry capability that can help ensure that operations are ultimately successful even when interdependent operations are not present in the correct order in the LDIF file (for example, the change to add a parent entry is provided later in the LDIF file than a change to add a child entry).

After the tool has applied the changes and reaches the end of the LDIF file, it automatically displays the update statistics described in the following table

Processing Statistic Description
Attempts Number of update attempts
Successes Number of successful update attempts
Rejects Number of rejected updates
ToRetry Number of updates that will be retried
AvgOps/S Average operations per second
RctOps/S Recent operations per second. Total number of operations from the last interval of change updates.
AvgDurMS Average duration in milliseconds
RctDurMS Recent duration in milliseconds. Total duration from the last interval of change updates.