Because all server instances provide information for a common set of MIBs, each server instance provides its information under a unique SNMPv3 context name, equal to the server instance name. The server instance name is defined in the Global Configuration, and is constructed from the host name and the server LDAP port by default. Consequently, information must be requested using SNMPv3, specifying the context name that pertains to the desired server instance. This context name is limited to 30 characters or less. Any context name longer than 30 characters will result in an error message. Since the default context name is limited to 30 characters or less, and defaults to the server instance name and the LDAP port number, pay special attention to the length of the fully-qualified (DNS) host name.
Note: The Directory Proxy Server supports SNMPv3, and only SNMPv3 can access the MIBs. For systems that implement SNMP v1 and v2c, Net-SNMP provides a proxy function to route requests in one version of SNMP to an agent using a different SNMP version.