A request processor encapsulates the logic for handling an operation, ensuring that a given operation is handled appropriately. The request processor can either process the operation directly, forward the request to another server, or hand off the request to another request processor.

PingDirectoryProxy Server provides the following types of request processor:
  • Proxying request processors, which forward operations received by the Directory Proxy Server to other LDAP external servers.

  • Entry-balancing request processors, which split data across multiple servers. They determine which set of servers are used to process a given operation. They then hand off operations to proxying request processors so that requests can be forwarded to one of the servers in the set.

  • Failover request processors, which perform ordered failover between other types of request processors, sometimes with different behavior for different types of operations.

Directory Proxy Server request processors can be used to forward certain controls, including the batch transaction control and the LDAP join control. The batch transaction control must target a single Berkley DB backend. For more information about the controls, refer to the LDAP SDK for Java documentation.

For information about configuring request processors, see Configuring Request Processors on page 72.