1. To create a new local DB index, use dsconfig with the --create-local-db-index option and the --index-name, --backend-name, and --set index-type: <value> options.
    $ bin/dsconfig create-local-db-index \ 
      --index-name roomNumber --backend-name userRoot \
      --set index-type:equality
  2. View the index.
    $ bin/dsconfig get-local-db-index-prop \ 
      --index-name roomNumber --backend-name userRoot
  3. Stop the Directory Server. You can do an index rebuild with the server online; however, keep in mind the tips presented in General Tips on Indexes on page 148.
    $ bin/stop-server
  4. Rebuild the index using the rebuild-index tool.
    $ bin/rebuild-index --baseDN dc=example,dc=com --index roomNumber
  5. Restart the Directory Server.
    $ bin/start-server