If you are installing Delegated Admin on an external web server, perform the following steps:

  1. Open config.js in a text editor.
  2. Change the variable values to specify the location of PingDirectory Server, as the following table shows.
    config.js Variable Value
    window.DS_HOST host name of PingDirectory Server
    window.DS_PORT HTTPS port of PingDirectory Server

    To view an example outline that features these settings, refer to example.config.js.

  3. Save your changes to config.js.
  4. Open delegated-admin.dsconfig in a text editor.
  5. Comment out the following lines, which are located in the Configure the delegator web app section, near the bottom of the file:
    dsconfig create-web-application-extension --extension-name Delegator --set base-context-path:/delegator --set document-root-directory:webapps/delegator/app
    dsconfig set-connection-handler-prop --handler-name "HTTPS Connection Handler" --add web-application-extension:Delegator
  6. Save your changes to delegated-admin.dsconfig.
  7. Create a CORS policy for the Delegated Admin HTTP servlet extension, where <origin> represents the public name of the host, proxy, or load balancer that presents the Delegated Admin web application:
    dsconfig create-http-servlet-cross-origin-policy --policy-name "Delegated Admin Cross-Origin Policy" --set "cors-allowed-methods: GET" --set "cors-allowed-methods: OPTIONS" --set "cors-allowed-methods: POST" --set "cors-allowed-methods: DELETE" --set "cors-allowed-methods: PATCH" --set "cors-allowed-origins: <origin>"
    dsconfig set-http-servlet-extension-prop --extension-name "Delegated Admin" --set "cross-origin-policy:Delegated Admin Cross-Origin Policy"