1. Unzip the compressed archive file into the PingDirectoryProxy directory and move to this directory.
    root@proxy-east-01: unzip -q PingDirectoryProxy-<version>-with-je.zip
    root@proxy-east-01: cd PingDirectoryProxy
  2. Because we are configuring SSL security, copy the keystore and pin files into the config directory.
    root@proxy-east01: cp ../*Keystore* config/ 
    root@proxy-east01: cp ../*Truststore* config/
  3. Next, we install the first proxy server by running the setup tool on proxy-east-01.example.com as follows:
    root@proxy-east01: ./setup --no-prompt --acceptLicense \ 
    --ldapPort 389 --rootUserPassword pass \ 
    --aggressiveJVMTuning --maxHeapSize 1g \ 
    --enableStartTLS --ldapsPort 636 \    
    --useJavaKeystore config/ExampleKeystore.jks \ 
    --keyStorePasswordFile config/ExampleKeystore.pin \ 
    --certNickname server-cert \ 
    --useJavaTrustStore config/ExampleTruststore.jks

    New keystore password files are created in config/keystore.pin. The original file, config/ExampleKeystore.pin, is no longer needed.

  4. If you are not using SSL or StartTLS, then the SSL arguments are not necessary as follows:
    root@proxy-east01: ./setup --no-prompt --acceptLicense \ 
    --ldapPort 389 --rootUserPassword pass \ 
    --aggressiveJVMTuning --maxHeapSize 1g
    Once you have installed the Directory Proxy Server, you can configure it using the create-initial-proxy-config tool as presented in the next section.