A constructed attribute is an attribute whose value is computed from values that are assigned to other attributes. For example, the system might construct a full- or common-name attribute, cn, from values that are assigned to the standard givenName and sn attributes, as follows:

dsconfig create-constructed-attribute 
  --attribute-name ReqConstructedCN --set attribute-type:cn \
  --set 'value-pattern:{givenName} {sn}'

Beginning with Delegated Admin 3.5.0 and PingDirectory Server, the value of a constructed attribute can be updated automatically whenever the value of a source attribute is not only created, but also when it is edited.

dsconfig set-rest-resource-type-prop \
  --type-name users  \
  --set post-create-constructed-attribute:ReqConstructedCN  \
  --set update-constructed-attribute:ReqConstructedCN

In these examples, a change to the value of givenName or sn forces a corresponding change to the value of cn. Attributes that contribute to a required constructed attribute are identified in the UI as Required, even if they were not originally designated as such. Because cn is a required attribute in this example, givenName and sn are also required.

Note: The capability of an attribute to be changed after its creation is referred to as its mutability.

As with standard attributes, constructed attributes are stored as LDAP attributes in a database like PingDirectory Server.