Replication in an entry-balanced deployment requires the following:
  • Multiple local DB backends. When you set up the Directory Server instances, you need two backends, a global backend for globally replicated data, such as userRoot, and a backend for the balancing point base DN, dataSet. Both backends need to be enabled for replication and initialized separately.

  • Replication set name. Every Directory Server in your replicated topology must have a replication set name. This replication set name coordinates the Directory Proxy Server and the Directory Server. The restricted domain is only replicated within instances using the same replication set name.

  • Multiple Directory Proxy Server subtree views. The entry-balanced proxy configuration relies on multiple subtree views, one for the globally replicated base DN and one for the entry-balancing point base DN. The globally replicated base DN will have a proxying request processor associated with it. The restricted base DN will have an entry-balancing request processor associated with it. This configuration is best achieved using the create-initial-proxy-config tool after running setup.