Each virtual attribute has basic properties that you can view using the dsconfig tool. The complete list of properties is described in the PingDirectory Server Configuration Reference. Some basic properties are as follows:

  • Description. A description of the virtual attribute.
  • Enabled. Specifies whether the virtual attribute is enabled for use.
  • Base-DN. Specifies the base DNs for the branches containing entries that are eligible to use this virtual attribute. If no values are given, the server generates virtual attributes anywhere in the server.
  • Group-DN. Specifies the DNs of the groups whose members can use this virtual attribute. If no values are given, the group membership is not taken into account when generating the virtual attribute. If one or more group DNs are specified, then only members of those groups are allowed to have the virtual attribute.
  • Filter. Specifies the filters that the server applies to entries to determine if they require virtual attributes. If no values are given, then any entry is eligible to have a virtual attribute value generated.

To view virtual attribute properties:

  • Use dsconfig to view the properties of a virtual attribute.
    $ bin/dsconfig get-virtual-attribute-prop --name isMemberOf