You can change the replicationChanges DB location if on-disk space issues arise. The replication changelog database can live outside <server-root> and be placed in another location on the file system. In that case, you must specify the absolute path of the replication changelog directory.

  1. Use dsconfig to change the database location for the replication changelog, which by default is at <server-root>/changelogDb. The following command sets the replication changelog backend to <server-root>/data/directory/changelogDB . Remember to include the LDAP connection parameters (host name, port, bindDN, bindPassword).
    $ bin/dsconfig set-replication-server-prop \ 
      --provider-name "Multimaster Synchronization" \ 
      --set "replication-db-directory:/data/directory/changelogDb" \ 
      --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" --bindPassword secret --no-prompt
  2. Stop the server, move the DB files, and then restart the server.
    $ bin/stop-server
    $ mv changelogDb /data/directory 
    $ bin/start-server