After preparing the external PingDirectory Servers to communicate with the Directory Proxy Server, we can now add the two servers in the central location to the proxy server instance. Because we have run the prepare-external-server tool, the two servers have the cn=Proxy User entry configured.

  • Run the dsconfig tool, which is located in the bin or bat directory of the server root directory, PingDirectoryProxy.
    >>>> Specify LDAP connection parameters
    Directory Proxy Server host name or IP address [localhost]:      
    How do you want to connect to the Directory Proxy Server at
        1)  LDAP
        2)  LDAP with SSL
        3)  LDAP with StartTLS
    Enter choice [1]: 1
    Directory Proxy Server at localhost port number [389]: 
    Administrator user bind DN [cn=Directory Manager]: 
    Password for user 'cn=Directory Manager':