The PingDirectoryProxy Server supports a global referential integrity plugin mechanism that maintains DN references from a specified set of attributes to entries that exist in the server (e.g., between the members values of a static group and the corresponding user entries). The plugin intercepts delete and modify DN operations and updates any references to the target entry. For a delete operation, any references to the target entry are removed. For modify DN operations, any references to the target entry are updated to reflect the new DN of the entry.

The plugin is similar to the Directory Server Referential Integrity plugin but does not have an asynchronous mode. When enabled on the Directory Proxy Server, the client response will be delayed until the referential integrity processing is complete. For Directory Proxy Server deployments not using entry balancing and using Directory Server external servers, it is best to instead use the Referential Integrity plugin on the Directory Server.

An equality index must be defined on all attributes referenced within the Global Referential Integrity plugin across all external servers.