Critical fixes

This release of the Directory Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

No critical issues have been identified.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDirectory Server.

Ticket ID Description


Fixed an issue where the Directory REST API encountered internal server errors while processing entries whose attributes have LDAP tagging options.


To help with replication backlog analysis, the replication summary monitor will now include a replica-partial-backlog attribute that will show how each origin replica contributes partial backlog with the per-origin-replication-backlog property. The replica-partial-backlog attribute will also show the change numbers used for the calculation.


Addressed a connection error in remove-defunct-server when the tool tried to migrate secret keys on a single-instance topology (i.e., a server that is not part of a replication topology). The tool now only moves secret keys if the server is part of a topology.


Fixed a race condition that could sporadically cause an error when backing up an encrypted backend.