Perform the following steps to prepare external servers:
  1. After configuring the source and destination endpoints, PingDirectory Server prompts to "prepare" each external server. The process requires trusting the certificate presented to the server, and then testing the connection. If this step is not performed, the process can be completed after configuring the Sync Pipes using the prepare-endpoint-server tool.
  2. Configuring this server for synchronization requires manager access. Enter the DN and password of an account capable of managing the external directory server.
  3. Enter the maximum age of change log entries. The value is formatted as [number][time- unit], where the time unit format resembles ("8h" for eight hours, "3d" for three days, "1w" for one week). Setting this value caps how long the PingDirectory Server can be offline. A smaller value limits how many changes are stored and is necessary to limit excessive changelog growth in high-modification environments.
  4. To prepare another server in the topology, follow the prompts. The previously entered manager credentials can be reused to access additional servers. Repeat the process for each server configured in the system.