Setting up the Consent Service requires different steps depending on if replication is enabled in your environment or not.


If possible, you should setup the Consent Service after replication is enabled for the PingDirectory Servers.

For more information about server replication, see the PingDirectory Server Administration Guide.

  1. Choose a Consent Service setup:
    • If you are setting up the Consent Service after replication is enabled for PingDirectory Servers:
      1. Configure the PingDirectory Servers to use a configuration group called all-servers.

        This ensures that configuration changes are applied to all servers in a topology.

        $ bin/dsconfig set-global-configuration-prop \
          --set configuration-server-group:all-servers
      2. Run the Consent Service setup script.
        $ bin/dsconfig --no-prompt \
          --batch-file resource/consent/consent-service-cfg.dsconfig
          --applyChangeTo server-group
    • If you have set up the Consent Service on a standalone PingDirectory Server before enabling replication:

      In this example, DS1 is the original PingDirectory Server, and DS2 is the second server to be added as a replica.

      1. Run the config-diff command without arguments on DS1 to produce a batch file that contains configuration changes that will be applied to DS2.
        $ bin/config-diff > config-changes.dsconfig
      2. Apply the config-changes.dsconfig file to DS2.
        $ bin/dsconfig --no-prompt \
          --batch-file config-changes.dsconfig \
          --applyChangeTo single-server
      3. Restart DS2.
      4. Enable replication between the two servers.