For companies that are migrating from an Oracle server to the PingDirectory Server, the PingDirectory Server provides a dsconfig batch file, sun-ds-compatibility.dsconfig, which describes the various components that can be configured to make the server exhibit behavior closer to an Oracle configuration.

Administrators can use the sun-ds-compatibility.dsconfig batch file to apply the Directory Server’s configuration with the necessary dsconfig commands by uncommenting the example commands listed in the file and then running the dsconfig command specifying the batch file.


This batch file is not comprehensive and must be used together with the migrate-sun-ds-config tool, located in the bin folder, or bat folder for Windows systems, during the migration process. Both the tool and the batch file overlap in some areas but provide good initial migration support from the Oracle server to a Ping Identity server.

Another useful tool is the migrate-ldap-schema tool in the bin folder, or bat folder for Windows systems, which migrates schema information from an existing LDAP server onto this instance. All attribute type and object class definitions that are contained in the source LDAP server are added to the targeted instance or written to a schema file.

  1. From the Directory Server server root directory, open the sun-ds-compatibility.dsconfig file in the docs folder.

    You can use a text editor to view the file.

  2. Read the file completely.
  3. Apply any changes to the file by removing the comment symbol at any dsconfig command example, and then applying the dsconfig command specifying the batch file.
    $ bin/dsconfig --no-prompt --bindDN "cn=Directory Manager" \ 
      --bindPassword "password" --batch-file /path/to/dsconfig/file
  4. Run the migrate-ldap-schema tool to move the schema definitions on the source server to the destination Ping Identity server.
    $ bin/migrate-ldap-schema
  5. Run the migrate-sun-ds-config tool to see what differences exist in the Ping Identity configuration versus the Oracle configuration.
  6. On the PingDirectory Server, run the following command.
    $ bin/migrate-sun-ds-config
  7. Test the server instance for further settings that might not have been set with the batch file, the migrate-ldap-schema tool, or the migrate-sun-ds-config tool.
  8. If you notice continued variances in your configuration, contact your authorized support provider.