In this task, the Delegated Admin attribute used for reference must be in DN syntax, such as manager , entryDN, or seeAlso.

  1. To use a resource type for DN reference, either:
  2. To add a reference delegated admin attribute, run dsconfig with the create-delegated-admin-attribute option using the following syntax.
    dsconfig create-delegated-admin-attribute \
        --type-name users  \
        --attribute-type <attribute of DN syntax> \
        --set "display-name:<display name>"  \
        --set display-order-index: <>  \
        --set reference-resource-type:<rest-resource-type>

    The following example uses the values from Creating and configuring a new REST resource type.

    dsconfig create-delegated-admin-attribute \
        --type-name users  \
        --attribute-type manager  \
        --set "display-name:Select Manager"  \
        --set display-order-index:4  \
        --set reference-resource-type:Managers