1. From the Administrative Console, go to Configuration > Backends.Screen capture of the Configuration page in the PingData Administrative Console. There are multiple list groupings for different configuration options. Backends is located close to the midpoint in the left-hand column in the Backends, Indexing, and Caching section.
  2. At the top of the Administrative Console page, select the Show Advanced Properties check box.
  3. Click the name of the backend you want to configure.
  4. Change or enter values in the server configuration.
    Screen capture of the Edit Local DB Backend page in the PingData Administrative Console

    The following list describes the server configuration fields.

    Backend ID
    This check box allows you to enable or disable the local DB backend.
    Base DN
    Writeability Mode
    This list includes the following options:
    Set Degraded Alert When Disabled
    When selected, this check box tells the server to create an alert...
    Return Unavailable When Disabled
    Notification Manager
    In Private Backend
  5. To apply your changes, click Save.