To prepare for backing up the PingDataMetrics DBMS, pick a time to backup, ensure you have enough space, and review additional data from sample deployments.

  1. Choose a time window during which the PingDataMetrics Server can be offline.
  2. Ensure there is enough disk space to hold the new image.
    The exact size of a DBMS table and its corresponding backup depends on the number of monitored servers, the number of tracked applications, the collected metrics, and the retention duration for each of the aggregation levels.
    The following table provides values from installations used during testing.
    Data from sample deployments
    Data 25 Monitored Servers 50 Monitored Servers

    1 minute data retention

    14 days

    14 days

    1 hour data retention

    52 weeks

    52 weeks

    1 day data retention

    20 years

    20 years

    1 second table size

    22 G

    42 G

    1 minute table size

    8 G

    18 G

    1 hour table size

    4 G (estimated)

    9 G (estimated)

    1 day data retention

    4 G (estimated)

    7 G (estimated)

    time to backup

    15 minutes (estimated)

    30 minutes (estimated)

    time for import catchup

    10 minutes

    42 minutes

    size of compressed backup image

    3 G (estimated)

    5.5 G (estimated)

    time to restore

    1 hour (estimated)

    2 h (estimated)


    If no backups are performed and the DBMS is completely lost, reinitialize the DBMS, restart the PingDataMetrics Server, and start collecting data again. All collected metric and event data are lost, but the configuration required to start collecting data again is retained.