Before you can run jconsole, you must:

  1. To open the Java Monitoring & Management Console, run jconsole:

    If SSL is configured on the JMX Connection Handler, you must specify the PingDirectory.jar file in the class path when running jconsole over SSL, as in the following example:

    $ jconsole \ \ \

    You need to set the following properties in the above command:

    • Set the property with the full trust store path.
    • Set the property if the default type, Java KeyStore (JKS), is not used.
    • Set the property with the trust store file password, if there is one.
    • Set the property with the file path containing the trust store password in plain text.

      Do not use this property if the property is used.


    When establishing a connection to jconsole, a window opens asking if you want to retry connecting insecurely. Click Insecure connection.

    Although jconsole considers anything other than SslRmiClientSocketFactory to be insecure, choosing to retry insecurely will enable PingDirectory's secure client socket factory.

  2. In the Java Monitoring & Administrative Console window, click Local Process, and then click the PID corresponding to the server.
  3. Review the resource monitoring information.