One of the strengths of the PingDirectory Server is the ease with which you can install a server instance using the setup tool. The setup tool allows you to quickly install and configure a stand-alone Directory Server instance.

To install a server instance, run the setup tool in one of the following modes: interactive command-line, or non-interactive command-line mode.

  • Interactive Command-Line Mode. Interactive command-line mode prompts for information during the installation process. To run the installation in this mode, use the setup --cli command.

  • Non-Interactive Command-Line Mode. Non-interactive command-line mode is designed for setup scripts to automate installations or for command-line usage. To run the installation in this mode, setup must be run with the --no-prompt option as well as the other arguments required to define the appropriate initial configuration.

All installation and configuration steps should be performed while logged on to the system as the user or role under which the Directory Server will run.