Upgrade Considerations

Important considerations for upgrading to this version of Delegated Admin:

The file remove-sample-directory-data-aci.ldif, which is provided with the Delegated Admin installation package, was updated to reinstate permissions for users to change their own passwords (self-service password reset). If you have used an earlier version of this LDIF file, consider manually adding the following ACI from the updated version:

dn: dc=example,dc=com 
changetype: modify 
add: aci 
aci: (targetattr="userPassword")(version 3.0; acl "Allow users to update their own password"; allow (write) userdn="ldap:///self";)

What's New

The following features are new with this release of Delegated Admin:

  • Added the ability for developers to customize attribute form fields and form behaviors. Previously, Delegated User Admin did not support attributes whose types were neither strings nor numbers, like JSON attribute types. With the ability to override the form fields for any attribute type, developers can now extend Delegated User Admin to handle these attribute types and more. Requires PingDirectory Server or later.
  • Added more capabilities for attributes that are constructed from other attributes. The constructed attribute feature can now be used for attributes that the LDAP schema requires. Further, administrators can configure constructed attributes to update automatically when their referenced attributes change. For example, if displayName is constructed from givenName and sn, the displayName attribute updates whenever the delegated administrator updates either givenName or sn. Requires PingDirectory Server or later.

Known Issues and Workarounds

The following issues are known in this release of Delegated Admin:

  • Changes to custom form field HTML files are not displayed.

    This issue relates to the browser and server. Because PingDirectory Server does not send the appropriate cache headers for static files, some browsers might cache them aggressively.

    Workaround: Refer to the "Next steps" section in Customizing UI form fields.

  • Constructed attributes do not update automatically when editing a resource.

    This issue relates to the user interface (UI). When a constructed attribute is computed and saved in PingDirectory Server, the UI does not immediately display the new value.

    Workaround: To verify the changes visually, try one or both of the following suggestions:

    • Refresh the browser.
    • Visit another page, and then navigate back to the edited resource.

Resolved Issues

The following table identifies issues that have been resolved with this release of Delegated Admin.

Ticket ID Description
DS-39347 Fixed an issue in which Delegated Admin did not work properly if the name of the REST resource type was not the same as the resource endpoint.
DS-39693 Fixed an issue in which Delegated Admin search results were truncated and invalid upon encountering a Directory entry that contained a Boolean or Integer syntax attribute whose values did not conform to the appropriate syntax. With this fix, the offending values are omitted from the results, and a warning message is logged to the server errors log.