Critical fixes

This release of PingDirectoryProxy Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

No critical issues have been identified.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the DirectoryProxy Server.

Ticket ID Description

DS-36257, DS-43909

Updated the logic the server uses to maintain the entry-balancing global index. Improvements include:

  • In some cases, the server could have incorrectly populated attribute indexes in the course of processing an add operation. This could have led to scenarios in which the global index had incomplete information for some attribute values, which could have caused the Directory Proxy Server to only return entries from a subset of the backend sets that contained those entries. Global attribute indexes now provide a guaranteed-unique configuration property, and they will now only be populated with new records after an add operation for indexes that are marked as guaranteed unique.
  • Global attribute indexes were previously not updated for add operations that contained an indexed attribute in the relative distinguished name (RDN) but that attribute was not included in the set of attributes for the add operation. The appropriate index updates will now be performed for the operation.
  • The global index was previously not updated for operations that were part of a successful transaction or multi-update extended operation. The appropriate updates will now be made.
  • Global attribute indexes were previously not updated as a result of modifications used to remove specific attribute values from an entry. Indexes that are marked as guaranteed unique will now be updated for delete modifications that list the values to remove from the entry.
  • Global attribute indexes were previously not updated for delete operations. The server has been updated so that if the entry's RDN includes attributes for which there are indexes marked as guaranteed unique, the index will be updated to remove those RDN values.


Fixed an issue where the format field is omitted from the list of operational attribute schemas in the Directory REST API.