These are new features for this release of the Delegated Administration application:
  • Delegated administrative users can now create a user account without setting a password if the password is not required by the server. This is only true for user creation. Resetting a password still requires a valid value for the password.
  • Previously, users could download a full report of users and group membership. Now the administrative user can preview the report and apply filters to limit either the entries themselves or to filter which columns are displayed. The user can also sort the report by columns. The user can then download the resulting report with all the filters applied.
  • The Delegated Administrator user interface now allows you to move and display the password field anywhere on the Create User form. Specify this in the configuration of the REST Resource Type with the Password Attribute Category and Password Display Order Index properties. If you do not specify a category, the password field appears at the top of the page.
  • The Delegated Administration application does not require delegated administrative users to understand the underlying technology supporting the account management features, such as LDAP. PingDirectory is an LDAP server and, therefore, uses Distinguished Names (DNs) to identify entries in the directory. The Delegated Administration application allows the user to select a user entry based on its DN without displaying the actual value of the DN.
  • Account management improvements allow administrators to view information about account and password state, such as password expiration date, account lockout status, and last login date and time.
  • Administrative users can now bulk upload user entries from a CSV file. The users need the proper rights for the resource types on which they wish to create user entries. The information in the file to upload must be based on the attributes configured for the resource type. The upload creates user entries if they do not exist, and optionally adds the entries to a group. If a user entry exists, the upload updates the entry. You can also upload generic entries.
  • Previously, administrative users could create, preview, and download reports of users, group membership, or other generic resources to a CSV file. With this release, you can choose to not present the download and/or upload options to certain administrative users.
  • Completing the basic entry management functionality, administrative users with the proper rights for the resource type can now delete user, group, and generic entries.

Upgrade considerations

Upgrade considerations are no longer part of the release notes. That information is now in Upgrade considerations.

Resolved issues

The following table identifies issues that have been resolved with this release of Delegated Admin.

Ticket ID Description
DS-42793 Fixed an issue where an infinite spinner would intermittently appear when signing on.
DS-41913 Added the ability to move the Password field on the Create User form.