You must specifically configure the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), syslog, and admin alert log publishers using dsconfig before they appear in the list of log publishers. Procedures to configure these types of log publishers appear later in this section.

  • To view the log publishers, run dsconfig with the list-log-publishers subcommand.
    $ bin/dsconfig list-log-publishers
    Log Publisher                                : Type              : enabled
    Debug ACI Logger                             : debug-access      : false
    Expensive Operations Access Logger           : file-based-access : false
    Failed Operations Access Logger              : file-based-access : true
    File-Based Access Logger                     : file-based-access : true
    File-Based Audit Logger                      : file-based-audit  : false
    File-Based Debug Logger                      : file-based-debug  : false
    File-Based Error Logger                      : file-based-error  : true
    Replication Repair Logger                    : file-based-error  : true
    Successful Searches with No Entries Returned : file-based-access : false