Critical fixes

This release of the Directory Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

No critical issues have been identified.

Resolved issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of the Directory Server.

Ticket ID Description


To help with replication backlog analysis, the replication summary monitor now includes a 'replica-partial-backlog' attribute that shows how each origin replica contributes partial backlog with the 'per-origin-replication-backlog' property. The 'replica-partial-backlog' attribute also shows the change numbers used for the calculation.


Addressed an issue where the backend would store an incorrect count for a database key that had exceeded the index entry limit. This only happened for composite indexes when the server started up after not being shut down cleanly. Normal search processing was unaffected, but the matching entry count request control processing would return incorrect results.

DS-43959, DS-44924

Added new global configuration properties that can be used to impose limits on the maximum number of attributes that can be present in an add request and the maximum number of modifications in a modify request, which can be used to avoid potential denial of service attacks.

Both limits are set to 1000 by default, which is likely to be adequate for all legitimate use cases, and neither property affects the number of values that can be provided for an attribute.