Activity performed by a particular LDAP bind DN can be associated with a PingDataMetrics Server application-name, which in turn can be included in PingDataMetrics Server SLA definitions.

The Processing Time Histogram plugin is configured on each PingDirectory Server and PingDirectoryProxy Server as a set of histogram ranges. These ranges should be defined identically across all monitored servers. For each monitored server, set the separate-monitor-entry-per-tracked-application property of the processing time histogram plugin to true. Per-application monitoring information appears under cn=monitor. The per-application-ldap-stats property must also be set to per-application-only in the Stats Collector Plugin. For Tracked Application configuration details, see the Ping Identity PingDirectory Server Administration Guide.

The following example sets the required property of the Processing Time Histogram plugin.

$ bin/dsconfig set-plugin-prop \
  --plugin-name "Processing Time Histogram" \
  --set separate-monitor-entry-per-tracked-application:true

The following example sets the required property of the Stats Collector plugin.

$ bin/dsconfig set-plugin-prop \
  --plugin-name "Stats Collector" \
  --set per-application-ldap-stats:per-application-only