Critical Fixes

This release of PingDirectoryProxy Server addresses critical issues from earlier versions. Update all affected servers appropriately.

No critical issues have been identified

Resolved Issues

The following issues have been resolved with this release of PingDirectoryProxy Server:

Ticket ID Description

Fixed an issue that could prevent some tools from running properly with an encrypted file.


Fixed an issue where some state associated with a JMX connection was not freed after the connection was closed. This led to a slow memory leak in servers that were monitored by an application that created a new JMX connection each polling interval.


Fixed an issue that stopped new extensions from being installed.


Fixed an issue with the way the server reports memory usage after completing an explicitly requested garbage collection.


Updated the server to make the general monitor entry available to JMX clients.


Updated the cn=Cluster subtree to prevent clustered configuration changes when servers in the cluster have mixed versions. To make clustered configuration changes, either update all servers in the cluster to the same version, or temporarily create separate clusters by server version by changing the cluster-name property on the server instance configuration objects.


To avoid inconsistencies, changing clustered configuration will now require all servers in the cluster to be on the same product version. Servers will not pull any clustered configuration from the master of the cluster if they are on a different product version.


Fixed an issue with manage-profile replace-profile where certain configuration changes for recurring task chains were not being applied.


Fixed an issue that prevented password changes for topology administrators unless their password policy was configured to allow pre-encoded passwords.


Fixed an issue where PingDirectoryProxy Server could incorrectly return duplicate entries after timing out on an unindexed search.


Fixed an issue in which the Directory REST API could fail to decode certain credentials when using basic authentication.


Upgrade to jetty 9.4.30