There are three primary types of loggers:

Access loggers
Provide information about operations processed within the server. They can be used for understanding the operations performed by clients, debugging problems with directory-enabled applications, and collecting usage information for performance and capacity planning purposes.
Error loggers
Provide information about warnings, errors, or significant events that occur within the server.
Debug loggers
Provide detailed information about processing performed by the server, including any exceptions caught during processing, detailed information about data read from or written to clients, and accesses to the underlying database.

By default, the following log publishers are enabled on the system:

  • File-based access logger
  • File-based error logger
  • Failed-operations access logger

The following log publishers are available for PingDirectory Server but are disabled by default:

  • File-based debug logger
  • File-based audit logger
  • Expensive operations access logger
  • Successful searches with no entries returned access logger