To begin installing Delegated Admin in a Unix or Linux environment:

  • Run the following script in the /delegator directory from Obtaining the installation files.
    $ ./

    The system generates:

    • A configuration file, config.js, located in the /webapps/delegator/app directory.
    • A batch file, delegated-admin.dsconfig, in the /webapps/delegator directory.

    The setup tool also generates several command-line prompts for completing the Delegated Admin installation. After you provide the distinguished name (DN) of the root user for your PingDirectory instance, you're prompted to enter information regarding your PingFederate server and the hosting location of the Delegated Admin web app. Enter your own values or press Enter to accept the default values.


    If you answer y to the setup script question Is Delegated Admin being installed in a topology containing PingDirectoryProxy?, the system also generates a batch file named delegated-admin-for-proxy.dsconfig.